Swedish Chef’s Kommissionär - Backlot dining at its most confusing to pronounce, the Swedish Chef has prepared a delectable menu of his favorite dishes. It’s best to just point at the pictures of the food you want, trust us. Presented by IKEA.

Fozzie Bear’s Comedy Warehouse - Laugh until you pop a stitch with Fozzie Bear and his friends from Camp Waka Waka: Where comedy takes a hike! (Ponchos recommended for this experience.)

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The Muppet Park
The Muppet Park

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the Unimaginable

All renderings and maps are for illustrative purposes only. Your mileage may vary. Remove before flight. Objects may be closer than they appear. Designs are for placement only. Not for construction or bid. All purchases are final. Seriously, don't even look at them and try to decipher what we are going to do. 

Life's like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending.


Jim Henson


Muppet's Newest Lands and Attractions 

November 1st, 2014 was a dark day in theme park history. The closure of Muppet Vision 3D left a void in the hearts of Muppet fans everywhere, one that has gone unfilled… until now. Recently, we made a forward looking announcement hinting at the future of our resorts. We are now ready to share just a few more details...

It’s time to start the music!


It’s time to light the lights!


It’s time to get things started!


In the wake of the wild success and surge of popularity brought in by Kermit the Frog’s appearance on The Masked Singer, we have moved to green light this project based entirely around the world of Jim Henson’s creations. We’ve dug through the vault, attic, and basement to find the boldest, biggest, (and cost effective) plans. We have already begun the process of receiving permits for the park through local channels. If our estimates are correct (and the tracks are properly greased), construction will begin on April 1st, 2022. 

Let's take a tour!


Soarin’ with Statler and Waldorf - Strap in for dear life as you soar over the world with everyone’s favorite boomers as your tour guides offering their fresh hot takes! You’ll want to get in line early on opening day, before this attraction gets “Canceled.”

Rowlf’s Dueling Piano Bar - The tickling of keys can be heard through the open doors of this swanky 1930’s, art deco piano bar. Rowlf the Dog challenges guests to an interactive, musical duel!

Rainbow Confections - Sweetums serves hand-scooped ice cream, specialty candy, and fresh macarons! Inspect your order carefully, we haven’t found a full-body hairnet big enough for him. 

Rainbow Connection Central


Nighttime Swamptacular

Guests are transported to the muck of Kermit’s crawdad-filled, Louisiana swampinggrounds. This presentation features fireworks, projection mapping, and pyrotechnics, all paired to sweeping music and song. The grand finale will leave you soaring as we come together in The Rainbow Connection: the lovers, the dreamers, and you. 

More Cool Stuff

Rainbow Confections-3.jpg



When entering through the front gates, guests are greeted by the sparkling, prismatic arch of a gigantic rainbow. This park icon brilliantly shimmers in the golden sun, drenching the surroundings in multicolor light. Beneath the arch of the icon is a lilypad garden seating area.

Kids of all ages love the adventures of Baby Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, and the gang. In this whimsical land, kids’ talents are celebrated and fun is number one!


Kermit’s Tea Party - A Spinning, Swirling Celebration! Take a sip and spiral yourself silly in the saucer of a twirling tea cup! We would recommend visiting this attraction before lunch, but that’s none of our business.

“it’s a small world” (But With Muppets) - Unlike any other adorable little boat ride, this attraction takes guests on a world tour, set to hypnotic, repetitious song. Be sure to hold on to your toddlers for the 50 foot drop! 


Animal’s Wild Ride - Buckle up, kids! Animal is at the wheel of this fast-paced, chaotic dark ride through Muppet Mortality. (The Muppet Park is not responsible for nightmares, cold sweats, or panic attacks that this or any other attraction may induce.) 


Sam Eagle’s Patriotic Flight - Float majestically, on golden wings, across the American sky on the back of Sam Eagle; take in the sweeping sights of the entire park from atop this patriotic icon. Unlike that certain elephant, Sam doesn’t work for peanuts. 

TEA will be spilt

Kids WILL love the Muppets

Muppet Studios

Electric Mayhem Coaster.jpg

In Muppet Studios, stories are created, rehearsed, and televised! Explore behind the scenes of tv’s favorite third-rate variety show. Walk amongst the stars, dine with film royalty, and rock out to some seriously rad tunes.


Let's make a movie! Right?! (We'll probably abandon this conceit in year 2) 

Wait a minute... I love that idea!

Rockin’ Roller Coaster Starring Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem - In this groovy, psychedelic road trip, rock out to the teeth chattering beat of Electric Mayhem. (Please no flashing inappropriate hand signals during the on-ride photo. This is a family park.)

Muppet Studio Backlot Tour - Our completely original and not at all stolen Backlot Tram Tour is your ticket to film and television history. Pass through Crazy Harry’s Catastrophe Canyon and tremble at the gnashing jaws of Lew Zeland’s Boomerang Fish Encounter! Breathe in briney shrimp breath at King Prawnfrontation: Pepe’s Revengening. 

Swedish Chef Kommissionar-3.jpg

Synergy at its finest!

Boom Shakalaka!

Hey-Ho-Ho! It's one for all for one!

On this, the world’s first land-locked island, begin your quest for riches beyond your wildest dreams…or maybe just a really cool gift shop somewhere. Thrills and surprises are around every corner on this swashbuckling island, so hoist the colors and set sail for adventure!


Camilla_s Cove Bar.jpg

Puppeteer Passholder Hangout

Pirates of the Caribbean Starring Tim Curry - You know what? This one is literally just Pirates of the Caribbean except we've replaced Captain Jack Sparrow with Tim Curry's 'Long John Silver' which is one of the least controversial changes made to this attraction.


Gonzo’s EPIC Pirate Stunt Show Spectacular - The Great Gonzo presents the most death-defying performance art ever attempted by man or Muppet! Blasting from cannons, plunging from dizzying heights, and even navigating the perils of the infamous firebagpipes.

Camilla’s Cove Bar - Retiring to a life of luxurious beach-side sun, Camilla the Chicken has opened her own signature Clucktail Bar. Don’t miss the Exotic Tropical Floor Show presented on the hour!


Clueless & Polly’s Pirate Training Academy - Scramble down the gangplank of the beached Hispaniola, a massive pirate ship playground! Conveniently located across the way from the First Aid Station.


Everyone loves Tim Curry!


It's the FUTURE! 

The Moopets are running amuck throughout NYC on various adventures. From broadway to a thrilling Caper you'll quickly discover why they call it the 'Windy City'! 

This land is not affiliated with or inspired by Sony Pictures' The Muppets Take Manhattan; any resemblance to stories, characters or movies in or out of streaming is purely coincidental. 

How amazing would this be?!

The Moopets Take Manhattan

We invited distinguished designers from all over the world to come and design this land! Unfortunately, none of them showed up. Instead, we've filled it with timeless classics with a new flair of fun! 



Captain BEAK-O - Francis Ford Coppola returns to direct an unexpected sequel to his beloved, immersive film experience. Packed with 1980s synth music, pelvic thrusting, and strange alien creatures, Captain BEAK-O is here to change the world! 


Pigs in Space Mountain - Board the legendary Starship Swinetrek and zip among the stars in this whiplash-inducing coaster! Join Captain Link Hogthrob, First Mate Piggy, and Dr. Julius Strangepork on this intergalactic mission. Watch your head!

Carrousel of Unnecessary Progress - When you just need a break and some decent air conditioning, check out this hour and forty-five minute revolving theater show. Journey through time and discover completely useless inventions through the ages.

Rizzotto Italian Restaurant and Pawn Shop - Who said luxury dining couldn’t be found in the back of a seedy, New York pawn shop? Dine decadently and pursue the nearly endless collection of genuine Rolex™ watches. 

On the House - Rooftop Bar - Drinks on the house! Wait, no sorry, you actually have to pay for that. How did we even get up here? At this metropolitan rooftop bar, cocktails are served by penguins, on ice, and the puns are always on tap.

HAMilton Starring Miss Piggy at The NYC (Ned’s Yodeling Cabaret) Theatre - This off-off-off Broadway production of HAMilton is a MUST SEE! The incomparable Miss Piggy is not throwing away her chop in the battle of Porktown. 


Great Caper Coaster - A sky-scraping dash wrapped in a daring jewel heist, The Great Caper Coaster guarantees a quick getaway for the Baseball Diamond thieves! Clear Miss Piggy’s name and survive this 200 foot plunge! 


Rats make the best food!

Potentially Probable, Possibilities Map 


VelociToaster Cafe - Squeeze your boozy brunch in at any hour (no judgement), and munch on delicious avocado toast paired with bubbling Mahna Mahna Mahmosas. You'll go from from classy to boozy in under 3.2 seconds!