Show Premiere - Freelancer Showcase: SLICE Creative Network

TETV is proud to welcome Freelancer Showcase to our family of shows! Each week, members of the Slice Creative Network will share their talents and experiences with us.

The themed entertainment industry is filled with incredibly hard working freelancers. This new show, hosted by Melody Matheny from Slice Creative Network, offers exclusive interviews and portfolio sneak-peeks. It serves as a fantastic introduction to seasoned freelancers and newcomers alike, offering them a platform to show off their work. Each segment will be around 15 minutes long, the perfect bite-sized spotlight for getting to know our guests.

SLICE Creative Network is an online community of freelancers that brings creatives together, organized by discipline and expertise. In the network you can find designers, writers, directors, producers, and even puppet fabricators! For SLICE members, this site has become another great way to advertise their excellence. Prospective employers can utilize SLICE to find the perfect person for any career opportunity.

Host Melody Matheny, professional Attraction Designer in Orlando, prides herself in her ability to “ anything that tells a great story in a physical space.” She founded SLICE for all those working in the attractions industry. Her new show on TETV is an extension of that vision, as it highlights freelancers in a distinctly personal way.

Our first guest is the ever-charming Emma Oliver, a Creative Writer with a passion for immersive storytelling.

“I’m incredibly thankful to Melody, Slice and TETV for putting together this opportunity and honored to be featured during Women’s History Month!” -Emma Oliver

In addition to the edutainment value of meeting industry freelancers, this show offers our guests a fresh advantage. These interviews serve as an excellent jumping off point that can be shared and utilized as self-promotion. All of TETV’s content strives to give back to the themed entertainment industry. Freelancer Showcase does so with every episode.

Freelancer Showcase: SLICE Creative Network premieres 3/8/2021 at 9AM PST/12PM EST.

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Anna Kraus

TETV Producer & Copywriter

"Time is an illusion, lunchtime, doubly so."

-Douglas Adams

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