The TETV Slack Community Launches!

When Andy Garfield and I launched the Untitled Themed Entertainment Design Lockdown Show almost a year ago, we started it with the intentions of helping people.

A few weeks after the pandemic lockdown began our industry froze.

Always resilient, our industry adapted quickly. The Themed Entertainment Association flipped their content to be virtual seemingly overnight. Virtual programming also came out from IAAPA and Blooloop.

Through the darkness, there were shining beacons of hope of those coming together to connect and keep the creative juices flowing. Whether it was STEP, TEC Workshop Series or eventually TETV, fostering a community of people that are building relationships is paramount.

This is why today we are officially launching the TETV Community on Slack!

The community is entirely virtual and takes place on Slack. Whether you are an industry vet or a student looking to enter the industry one day, there is a place for you.

At launch all of our channels are set to help people connect and further their career development.

Industry Announcements

Everyone is welcome to post the latest industry announcements here. If TEA, IAAPA, TEC Workshop, Slice Creative Network WWA, AMA or another organization hosting a you'll find it here.


Don't you hate it when you miss a job posting? This channel is a crowd-sourced job board, if one comes across an opportunity in themed experiences, we encourage folks to post it here! As the industry continues to ramp back up keeping up to date on the latest opportunities is very important for career development.

Resume & Portfolio Review

Do you want candid (but constructive) feedback on your resume or portfolio? Post it here and we guarantee it will get reviewed. Have general resume questions or thoughts? Post it here too!

Virtual Coffee

Meeting strangers virtually can be weird, but also fun! If you are willing to meet others and build connections with a 30 minute Zoom or Google Meet, let others know.


Have a cool new product or service you’d like to share with the industry? Do it here!Are you looking for a specific product? Post it here!

To join the TETV Community on Slack simply follow this link - If you are new to Slack, don't fret, it is very user friendly and we are here to help.

We expect this Slack Community to grow and evolve over time and looking forward to you joining us!



Patrick Kling

TETV Executive Producer

"Your future hasn't been written yet. No one's has! Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one!"

- Doc Brown

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