Welcome to the TETV Blog!

Welcome to the TETV Blog!

This new blog is dedicated to themed experience discussion, network updates, and answering YOUR burning questions. Think of it as an outlet for our team’s creative musings, for guest contemplation that goes beyond the interview, and in-depth breakdowns of some of TETV’s Greatest Hits. We set forth on this brave new adventure to bring you themed entertainment’s most interesting conversations. Now that we have sufficiently locked you into this incredibly enticing paragraph, let’s talk about Stuff.

What is this all about?

  • If you’re reading this, you probably already know how incredibly cool our weekly newsletter is. However, if we put EVERYTHING we wanted to in that email, the carrier pigeons would have a really tough time. When we have exciting network news to share, this will be the place to get the inside scoop.

  • As much as we LOVE our long-form video content, we know that can be a lot to digest in one sitting. We will be bringing you condensed episode summaries (for select installments) that make it easy to get caught up on your favorite shows!

  • We look forward to showcasing some of the creative thoughts and opinions of our amazing staff of volunteers. This will be a platform for them to share their hot-takes and genius ideas.

  • Our inspiring guests have boundless stories to share, advice to give, and experiences to discuss. This blog is a great place for the after show to begin as we continue the conversation off-air.

  • TETV is always looking for feedback and audience engagement. We want to know what you want to talk about! What questions do you have? Who would you like to see interviewed? Which theme park has the best corndogs?

Why should I read this blog?

  1. First and foremost, it’s going to be a lot of fun. TETV creates welcoming, engaging, themed experience content, and this blog stands to be an extension of that.

  2. You might just learn something along the way! We are working to unlock the mystique of this industry by sharing our knowledge with you.

  3. The prestige of being welcomed into the inner circle, you will be able to laugh at all of the TETV in-jokes at future cocktail parties. In all seriousness, networking opportunities are everywhere!

Thank you so very much for reading, we look forward to engaging with you!



Anna Kraus TETV Producer & Copywriter

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